OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T

  1. oneplus bullets wireless 2 earphones

    Official OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2

    • Freedom from Wires - Just 10 minutes of charge gives you up to 10 hours of sound.
    • The bullets Wireless 2 give you freedom, power and convenience.
    • Use new Magnetic Control feature to take Control of your music.
    • A perfectly weighted aluminum alloy construction is designed for Comfort.
    • Use the Bullets Wireless 2 with Google Assistant for added convenience.
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  2. warp charge 30 car charger

    Official OnePlus Warp Charge 30 Car Charger

    • Original OnePlus Warp Charge 30 Car Charger.
    • Multiple safety mechanisms.
    • Fill half of your OnePlus 7 Pro’s battery in just 20 minutes.
    • Warp Charge 30 is for OnePlus 7 Pro, 20W is for OnePlus 7/6T/6/5T/5/3T/3.
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